Teaching Assistant Training Program:  Following years of successful mentoring with all age groups of pupils, I have developed a training program for TA’s.  This program teaches how to quickly and efficiently remove emotional blocks that pupils may have, allowing them to then move forward and progress within the educational system.  The TA’s will learn how to use effective solution focused communication to create self awareness and emotional intelligence within the pupils.  They will learn techniques to challenge limiting self beliefs and create new positive supportive ones.

This program frees up the teachers to teach and gives every pupil in the school access to someone who can help them remove emotional blocks and allow them to explore their true potential.  Not only for disruptive pupils, but for those who may have exam stress or loss of direction or confidence issues too.

This is for all schools who would like to improve classroom cohesion, develop better teacher-pupil relationships, become more productive, improve attendance and create a more harmonious teaching environment.

Many pupils have to wait up to a year for the opportunity to see a counsellor.  Counselling can be a costly process.  This can have a serious impact on their learning and behaviour.  This program will negate the need in many cases for counselling and free up some school funds to be redirected into other areas.

Peak Performance Coaching:  Developed to create a cohesive team environment of self responsible individuals.  Bringing together many elements of personal development and team dynamics, creating a more productive and profitable environment.  Extremely effective program when applied in Business.

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