Wendy Smith

"Wendy is one of the most eloquent passionate and genuine speakers that you will come across. Speaking from her heart, she sparks the fire in others. She has the ability to lift the spirit of those who hear her and have them want to fulfill their potential. What a gift! I feel very fortunate that Wendy spends some of her time with us on the 'Be the best you can be' school's project" Dr David Hemery CBE. Olympic Gold Medalist.


Pioneering Change

Pioneering change in the workplace. Offering trainings that will increase productivity, lower absentee rates, develop staff cohesion, reduce security threats, build resilience, create adaptable and flexible staff attitudes.

Our hostility and behavioural awareness programs are totally unique and come highly recommended by the financial institutions we operate them in. A combination of classroom and real time situational training situations allow your staff to develop the skills they need to maintain a professional and welcoming environment amidst the continual threat of unexpected hostile situations.


High Performance Resilience Training can be used in Business, Education, Sports, Therapy, Health Care and Personal Development. The principles behind these training courses are to create awareness ownership and change for delegates. The end results are transformational behavioural change which leads to self motivation and productivity.  Using only the most effective tools from many disciplines combined with years of experience working with teams and individuals wanting to reach peak performance states, we pride ourselves on having the ability to create meaningful relative packages for all industries.

Spectrum Coaching offers an extensive range of tools to create deep comprehensive lasting change. The performance coaching aspect is designed to remove blocks and limitations which halt progress in life and business. The emotional coaching tool is used to release deep set negative emotional blocks that are preventing someone from moving forwards in their life. This could be from mild anxiety or phobia’s to PTSD, trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts and much more. Safe and highly effective, the change tool of the future.

Keynote Speaking

Offering a wealth of knowledge from over 25years experience in Personal Development, Training & Self Management. I tailor my key notes to the specific needs/outcomes desired by the event organisers, alongside this I have a unique ability to tune into the audience flexing and adapting my talks and presentations to suit those attending the events.  My aim is to ignite a spark within the guests so they begin to explore and contemplate their individuality and appreciate the same in others.  We are all unique and have talents that we may not have explored due to fears and limitations.  Being able to seed the thought that everyone has value and all people can succeed in life when given the tools and techniques to become aware of the power of their own human system, brings me a sense of satisfaction.  Seeing others succeed and break through their internal limitations is what makes me tick.  We all have that spark of greatness.