1 to 1 Coaching

There are 2 aspects to the coaching services I offer. The first is Performance Coaching and the second is Emotional Coaching. Performance coaching is ideal for people who are experiencing one or two limiting states that are preventing them from achieving a particular goal. Examples would be, someone who has a fear of public speaking and has a presentation coming up or someone who may have a fear of moving their business forwards because they are unsure of their own potential. Athletes normally underperform because of the limiting emotion that they are experiencing and I have found this a very powerful tool for moving them on to achieving and constantly beating their PB’s. Someone could be experiencing indecision or inner conflict on some level and again this particular tool is extremely efficient at moving people through these barriers.

Emotional coaching is highly effective for moving people on from anything from mild anxiety to trauma & PTSD. Examples of the most recent clients would be; a young lady who continually bit her nails and could not build a relationship with her father, a suicidal 22 year old who had been online groomed at a young age and then suffered abuse, a 40 year old male who had massive worries around money, a 35 year old new mum who had experienced trauma throughout the birth of her baby, a 10 year girl with extreme anxiety issues which stemmed from early bullying at school, a 84 year old male who could not drive in the fog. All of the above are just some of the examples of the challenges that people face which they feel they may never find a solution to. Utilising the tools within Spectrum Emotional Coaching I am able to recode past experience and help people move on from these traumatic events and experience life on a new level.

Using comprehensive transformational re-coding techniques, I help others transform and become free from debilitating life experiences and negative limiting emotional states that are paralysing them in life. With minimal sessions (usually 2), people experience rapid change and release from the past events holding them back. Content free, there is no need to talk about the details making this perfect for PTSD, Abuse, Addiction, Phobia’s, Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety, Grief and more.