The therapeutic tools I use to free people from their past limitations are unique and powerful. Creating change in a safe, calm content free manner which does not require the client to discuss details of the past issues that have created the current life situations. This makes this the perfect therapy for anyone who has experienced abuse, trauma, treatment resistant depression, rape, ptsd, severe anxiety, self harm and suicidal thoughts. This is also a highly effective method for removing anxieties, negative self beliefs and phobias. Minimal sessions are required, the normal amount is 1 or 2 based on level of need and the results are immediate, continuing to progress throughout the weeks and months ahead.

The following client had experienced many years of serious suicide attempts and had been under psychiatric care for a long period of time.

When I first met Wendy, I was beyond lost and absolutely hopeless; following several forms of therapy over a few years I was convinced that nothing and no one could help me in any way. The most important thing that Wendy has taught me is that I AM in control, and that the way in which I look at my environment defines it – with Wendy’s help I have learnt how to make change rather than sit around and wait for it. Unlike counsellors and therapists I had seen previously, Wendy encouraged me to harness positive energy into my lifestyle and my environment, accepting and moving on from my issues and struggles in a constructive manor – the more traditional counsellors and therapists on the other hand focused solely on my issues and struggles, encouraging me to keep a ‘mood diary’ for instance, which while helpful for them, only drained me further.

One particularly useful exercise Wendy introduced to me involves observing your immediate surroundings, and identifying elements that are not causing you any sort of distress – once you do this you will realise that there is much more to your environment than your problems that you focus so heavily on.

As much as I would like to say that Wendy Smith has turned my life around, the truth is that she taught me how to do it myself. George 21 years old

One of my younger clients below. The techniques work with any age.

Our daughter Evie age 9, has suffered for many years living with anxieties. She started with night terrors & sleeping walking from a very young age. In recent years she has not been able to leave her room to go to school, it has then escalated to leisure activities, she just couldn’t attend.
We have tried so many other ways of helping Evie, with no success. I was put into contact with Wendy, who has engaged with Evie from the very start. With FaceTime conversations, telephone calls and meeting her in person. 
Evie was on medication to help her sleep for a while, which she has not taken since her meeting with Wendy, this is amazing in itself. Her anxieties have decreased incredibly, even with getting up for school the very next day! 
We would like to thank Wendy from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing work she has done with Evie. Living with a child with anxieties effects the whole family, this is life changing for us all. Thank you.