March 1st-3rd 2019 Performance Coaching Course:

One of the most popular courses we run at Pioneering Change.  This 3 day course delivers the tools and knowledge that allow delegates to create instant change for their clients.  You will learn to release the drivers which hold people in the limited states that stop peak performance.  Delegates leave with the trade marked coaching skills that hit the parts other coaching courses do not deliver, it is the Heineken of coaching courses.  The effective techniques learnt are usable totally on their own or can be of massive to benefit to those already qualified in the coaching industry.  Some of our previous attendees have been from such fields as, prison governors, school teachers, accountants, business owners, therapists, ex military, mental health workers, neuro specialists, sports coaches, pt instructors, beauticians, police officers.  If you want to enhance what you do and have tools that get instant results, Performance Coaching may be for you.  Location –  Ipswich, Suffolk £825

March 7th-13th 2019 NLP Practitioner Course:

Become a certified Practitioner of NLP.  The ultimate ‘User Manual for the Brain’.  This course is designed for anyone wanting more out of life.  During the course you will discover the power you hold within to create massive change in your life and the lives of those around you.  Learning the language of how we communicate internally with ourselves and create our map of reality you will be able to generate much different outcomes in life following completion of this course.  Whether you want to start your own practice or add an awesome set of skills to your toolbox allowing you to create the success you want in life or business, NLP is the skill set that changes the way you do business.  Location – Essex. £1695.00