Wendy Smith – Paralympian, Speaker and NLP Master & Trainer

Wendy Smith

Wendy has been pioneering change for over 20 years and has extensive experience in personal development, self management and high performance coaching. Overcoming many adversities throughout her life she has built within herself the resilience, drive and motivation to continually improve and succeed in life. A natural helper, Wendy spends many free hours assisting those who do not have the means to get on in life. She works deeply in the education environment helping pupils and staff become mindful, self aware and responsible.

Wendy is regularly contracted by large financial institutions all over the country to deliver specific training courses to staff. One of her biggest joys comes from being a inspirational speaker, enabling her to attend rewarding and game changing events where she can share her experience and knowledge on a grand scale. Her sense of humour is always present and she believes that people learn best when they are having fun.


  • Influencing skills
  • Finding solutions
  • Calibration and rapport skills
  • Highly effective methodologies
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Strategies and goal setting for success
  • Behavioural flexibility
  • Rapid change techniques

NLP could be considered ‘the user manual for the brain’. It works by creating the awareness of how people process, store and access information enabling them to create results. Depending on the knowledge and application of how processing and storage works will ascertain whether the desired result is achieved or not. Learning NLP gives people the opportunity to make better choices, focus their intention, motivate themselves, set achievable goals, expand and push their boundaries, evaluate and reflect on performance, create an internal supportive structure, become resilient to life’s ups and downs, understand the power of language and non verbal communication and feel more ease in their life.

Our NLP Practitioner Training in Essex is right for anyone looking to connect with people and effect change, both within their own world and that of others. Teachers, coaches, leaders, business owners, therapists and care workers take our NLP Practitioner Training because NLP adds an invaluable tool kit to your belt. Bring NLP into your life to enhance your skill set improving your work, leisure time and relationships or set up private practice to earn an income on a part or full time basis. Either way NLP Practitioner Training is the next step to fulfilling your true potential.


We work from the values of:

Our training is delivered in a fun and creative environment so you can enjoy your journey on this game changer of a training.

You will develop the emotional, physical and neurological states that are needed for you to live from a place of integrity and purpose, aligned with the very best you.


“The intensive 7 day training was fun, emotional at times and so real, I have learned so much. The course has given me greater insight and increased my level of understanding of how the brain works and how to effectively communicate with clients, myself and people in general. I can honestly say that NLP has a special place in my client work now …. I love it …. it’s an ongoing journey. I can’t recommend highly enough. It will change your life!”
Patsy Charles – Counsellor and Beauty Therapist.

“With Wendy’s patience and caring nature she helped me see things very differently. I still carry the tools that Wendy gave me in my everyday life and I thank her for teaching me to use my senses in a new light.”
Johanna Clarke – Investment Sales Officer


All NLP Practitioner courses are run over the period of 7 days.

Our courses are fully certified by the Society of NLP.