1 to 1 Mentoring/Coaching

Mentoring & Coaching people past their limitations to discover their full potential and lead a happier more fulfilled life.

There are 2 aspects to the personal development mentoring services I offer. The first is Performance and the second is Emotional.

Personal Development Coach Wendy Smith

The Performance model is ideal for people who are wanting to drive themselves forwards in life & business, yet are finding they encounter challenges which are hindering their progression. This process encompasses aspects of structure and planning combined with techniques which remove minor emotional blocks or limitations developed through negative beliefs about the self.

Most people who engage at this level have goals or targets they want to hit but are finding blocks coming up in the form of behaviours or thought processes that are limiting their performance.

These sessions lead to clarity of the steps required to achieve the desired results, release of negative limiting states that are preventing completion of tasks, understanding of how your individual human system works, the ability to plan – schedule and achieve your outcomes with minimal effort and more enjoyment. The techniques used throughout these sessions also result in the client feeling less stressed and more in control of themselves and their emotional states throughout the day.

Previous clients have reported huge behavioural changes following the sessions which had led to more productivity and expansion in life and business.

Some examples of the ways in which the performance model can help you are; releasing fears around presenting, increases athlete performance and confidence, increases confidence for marketing and sales, alleviates anxiety, clarifies direction in life or business, helps get you out of your comfort zone, raises awareness to allow ownership of self, increases emotional intelligence, helps develop effective communication skills, raises self esteem. For more information or to book a session, please click on the email address below.

Wendy Smith Personal Development Coach

The Emotional model is effective for moving people on from anything from mild anxiety, trauma & PTSD. Examples of the most recent clients would be; habitual nail biting, suicide attempts stemming from abuse, financial stress, new mum with birth trauma, anxiety from bullying, phobia of driving in the fog, clinically depressed diagnosed as treatment resistant depression, memory loss, divorce, loss of parent, guilt, fear of presenting to an audience, rapid hair loss, fear of driving on motorways, belief of not being good enough, lack of confidence in new work role, PTSD from service in the field.

All of the above are just some of the examples of the challenges that people face which they feel they may never find a solution to. Utilising the tools within this model I am able to recode past experience and help people move on from these traumatic events and experience life on a new level.

Using comprehensive transformational re-coding techniques combined with the latest performance coaching knowledge and over 25 years of personal experience, I help others transform and become free from debilitating life experiences and negative limiting emotional states that are paralysing them in life. With minimal sessions (usually 2), people experience rapid change and release from the past events holding them back. Content free, there is no need to talk about the details making this perfect for PTSD, Abuse, Addiction, Phobia’s, Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety, Grief and more. For more information or to book a session, please click on the email address below.

Session costs are as follows:

20 minute consultation via phone or skype – Free

Adults – £150 Per Hour (2 hour normal sessions)