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Emotional Performance Matters! Whatever you feed grows. Are you feeding what will bring you success or stress?

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Emotional performance matters. Whatever people are running through their head is creating a chemical reaction in the body that leads to emotional states which generate the behaviours shown. Stress, anxiety and depression can paralyse a person and they may feel like there is no way out. Understanding how the human system is pre-programmed to have responses based on past experiences is a vital start point to know so change can be created. We are a string of habits in the doing and the great part about being one of the most powerful computer systems on the planet is that created a habits can be changed. Emotions are triggered off by something in the environment and then followed by behaviour, positive or negative. Recoding past stored emotions can lead to instant behavioural change and the forming of new habits. The process is simpler than it sounds. By utilising the way the human system stores information for later use, it is easy to reverse the process and change how experiences were stored, resulting in pro-active responses to future events instead of reactive responses.

Life is a journey that no one has a map to follow. Early experiences between the age of 0-7 (approx) develop the majority of our internal programming, habits, emotional actions and attitudes. People then follow these patterns throughout life, sometimes never questioning the results. Remember being taught to tie your shoe laces, once you had learnt how to do it you didn’t have to learn again, did you? This information was stored in the system to make life easier. Think about all of the things you have learnt to do that you no longer need to learn because they are just done on autopilot. Walking, talking, reading, writing, drinking, brushing your teeth, putting your socks on, driving. Now imagine all of the emotional states learnt and the beliefs taught by parents, teachers, peers, society. Imagine what is in the storage facility to be accessed every moment of every day.

To become familiar with your programs, think about beliefs around money to begin with. Is money the route of all evil or do you think that money doesn’t grow on trees or money only goes to money or you have to work hard for money. What feelings are connected to money? Do you know who these beliefs sound like? Some people will have extremely supportive beliefs around money and success that will lead them to achieving goals really easily because they never developed a negative association with it. Other people will struggle continually to make money or hold onto any money they have and again, this is probably down to their deep set installed beliefs around the subject.

Every subject in life will come with pre-stored emotions, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs.

The reason the human system has to have storage is so that it knows how to react to situations. Imagine waking up every morning and having to re-learn everything known about life so far. It would be exhausting.

So, why would you want to experience emotional performance coaching or mentoring? We all have certain things in life that are supporting us and these are always worth enhancing so you can experience more of those. There are also those aspects that are limiting us and holding people back. Those little niggles that keep arising or those patterns that continually run in relationships or work or health. Just when it seems there has been a breakthrough, the old pattern feeling is back, the same old feelings and doing the same old habits.

For most people they stay stuck in this loop for life because they never get the opportunity to become aware of and then release these blocks. This means that they will stay on what I call the hamster wheel feeling like they are getting somewhere and then ‘boom’ back to square one. For others it can be a journey of denial that they never step out of because they have been brought up to be strong and dismiss emotions as irrelevant and for weak people, many of my male clients feel this at first that they should man up and get over it. However, this approach only takes them back to square one or leads to more stress in their life.

Through multiple different methods I take people through the process of discovering their blocks or limitations which leads to being able to release them. This is extremely effective for people suffering from any type of trauma or negative emotional states like stress, anxiety, overwhelm or depression. Becoming fully aware of those great habits and processes too that people already have is also a very important part of any session because enhancing those for massive future gain and self esteem is a must. Using tools that remove negative emotional blocks and limiting core beliefs with a 98% success rate, it is an easy, efficient and content free process that allows people to then pursue their goals without the past baggage weighing them down. The great aspect of having your emotional system cleaned up is that you do not have to talk about the old stuff, just follow internal instructions. Having worked with over 600 people using this process the general feedback is that it is so simple, yet so effective.

Wendy Smith Personal Development Coach

Sessions are normally 2 hours long and the main package involves 3 sessions over 3 weeks for comprehensive transformation, one off sessions are also available. This service is only for people who truly want more out of life and want to discover their full potential. This is not for anyone wanting change because other people say they need it. The journey of awakening yourself to the potential you hold within can be uncomfortable and takes an attitude of commitment and persistence. You will get out what you decide to put in.

Emotional System Cleanup Package – £895 for 3 sessions over 3 weeks

Individual Emotional Cleanup Individual Session – £350