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Professional Training & Development:

Program development for the delivery of specific solution focused  half day and full day training packages catering for the exact needs of the company and staff.  Free consultation service to ascertain the obstacles that are preventing performance in any area of business from customer service to leadership and management.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create purposeful trainings that lead to staff awareness ownership and higher levels of team cohesion and productivity.  We work on the basis that every business has different needs and there is no one size fits all solution.

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Courses:

Practitioner courses are run over a period of 7 immersive days.  Our venues are always chosen to ensure the right environment where learning can take place without distraction.  Your trainers are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to allow the most relevant techniques and information to be facilitated to you.  Becoming a Practitioner of NLP will allow you to create your own business and give you the skill set to awaken the potential in others and help them drive towards their desired goals and ambitions.  This course is the ultimate self awareness and personal development tool for anyone wanting more out of life.

The Master Practitioner courses are run over a period of 10 days and will take people to the next level in life and business.  This course delves even deeper into the realms of self awareness and will allow you to access your unlimited inner potential for growth and success.

Performance Coaching Courses:

A pioneering change tool for creating successful outcomes in life and business.  The one reason why people tend not to realise their true potential or reach their desired goals is that they have an emotional block of some description holding them back.  When this block is removed they then soar to new heights.  Performance coaching incorporates tools and techniques to do just that.  Unique and game changing.

Spectrum Emotional Coaching Courses:

For anyone wanting to enhance their therapeutic services.   Emotional coaching tools that comprehensively remove limiting emotional states from the persons system thus allowing them to finally move forward from serious trauma based experiences with no re-triggering.  There are 2 levels of usage;  Emotional coaching – mild anxiety, phobia’s, singular emotional blocks, limiting beliefs.  Therapy Model – abuse, ptsd, depression, eating disorders, phobia’s, addictions, ocd, severe anxiety, limiting beliefs, bipolar diagnosis, personality disorders, adhd and much more.

Lone Worker & Travel Safe Training:

Currently there is a high demand for Lone Worker & Travel Safe training.  Developing a safe and healthy working environment for lone workers canbe challenging.  It is crucial for people working and travelling alone to be aware of unexpected circumstances and the potential risk of exposure to aggression or extreme situational experiences.  This advanced workshop will offer solutions which can reduce the risks to lone workers whom may spend the majority of their working time on their own in unfamiliar environments.  This course will highlight the possible risks faced by individuals working alone and how they can reduce them.

Whether working alone in the local community, travelling to work or are alone in shops, this course is designed to meet your needs.  Improving self and providing you with the edge in the field of hostile awareness.  The programme uses subject matter experts for an insight into self awareness and hostility awareness.  Discovering the behaviours of others will enable you to feel safer in your environment and become aware of situations before they become a problem.

During the course delegates will cover multiple aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication learning skills to enhance their awareness and increase their confidence when working alone.  This is an experiential practical and theory workshop  which will help mitigate the risk of conflict in everyday situations.

One to One Coaching Sessions:

Sometimes in life people just get ‘stuck’ and feel like they are not achieving their desired outcomes.  One to one coaching is a great to way to free people from the limitations that may be holding them back so they can experience the growth and development that has been missing in their environment.  Whether self employed, a small business owner, a large employer, therapist, coach, trainer to reach your optimum performance individual coaching is an empowering way to achieve this.  The results speak for themselves.

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