Key Note Speaking – Combining over 25 years of experience overcoming adversity and challenging situations, Wendy shares her knowledge and experience to help inspire and motivate others to explore and fulfill their full potential.

1 to 1 Coaching – Using comprehensive transformational re-coding techniques, Wendy helps others move on from debilitating life experiences and negative limiting emotional states that are paralysing them in life. With minimal sessions (usually 2), people experience rapid change and release from the past events holding them back. Content free, there is no need to talk making this perfect for PTSD, Abuse, Addiction, Phobia’s, Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety, Grief and more.

Training Provider – Delivering bespoke training to Educational Professionals, Businesses, Sports Coaches and Athletes. There is never a problem, only a solution waiting to be found. Wendy designs bespoke courses/programs to solve challenges and transform teams.