I have 2 training companies, the first is Red Castle Consultancy which is for businesses wishing to increase team performance, enhance leadership and develop staff communication. The second is Pioneering Edge which is for personal development, self awareness and education.

Red Castle Consultancy

RCC is a training and consultancy provider that supplies customised services to organisations wishing to improve their communication and increase productivity and cohesion in the workplace.  As a result we aim to create significant impact for every individual within your business and increase the performance of your organisation as a whole. 

Why would your business need training? A business owner or head of department faces many challenges in their operation, the demands of business versus demands on their time and budget often results in training being postponed or cancelled. If problems arise, what was once a minor issue can quickly develop into a major concern if not addressed and managed effectively and may lead to a negative impact on staff morale, quality, performance and reputation.  This in turn can lead to staff absence, higher turnover of staff, complacency, decline in sales, miscommunication and conflict resulting in extra expenditure of time and money by the organisation. Investing in training gives the company as a whole the tools, skills and knowledge to regulate the internal workings of the organisation allowing everyone to feel valued and be on the same page enabling growth, productivity and increased profits.

Our team of specialists pride themselves on delivering the most up to date quality assured training that is relevant to the organisation or individuals attending the sessions and we have well over 60 years of combined experience in the training/coaching & mentoring environments with a diverse range of knowledge and skill to accompany this. Because of this the material we use is at the driving edge of training.

We have delivered training to top Fortune 500 companies, premier football teams, government institutions, educational facilities, medical service companies, legal entities, conferences and numerous S.M.E’s.  

Through customised programs specifically designed to fulfil the needs and challenges of your organisation, we generate solutions that will raise awareness that leads to personal ownership and ultimately aids the organisation to drive forwards as a united team.

Current Training & Consultancy Available;

Managing Director – Helen Smith M.B.A

During her 28 years within the automotive logistics industry Helen has gained a wealth of experience & knowledge.

From her early beginnings as a Class 1 HGV car transporter driver she has grown, developed & invested in her future taking her to where she is today, a highly respected & qualified Senior Manager & Accomplished Transport, Logistics & Fleet Management specialist. 

Helen have a proven track record of developing and mentoring both individuals & teams through periods of change. Financially & Commercially Aware she focuses on improving performance & efficiency through the introduction of innovative, lean, improved operational processes, developing strategies for change which increase profitability at all levels of the business model.

In 2013 she achieved a Masters Degree in Business Management & Finance with Distinction Grade. 

Helen holds the OCR CPC National in Road Haulage Operations, the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health & the NEBOSH Construction Certificate

She is also a fully qualified NLP Practitioner 

Specialist areas include: Transport Management, Operational & Process improvement, Compliance, Health & Safety, Business Mentoring, Performance Coaching & Training.

Executive Consultant – John Phillips

John has been training, educating and mentoring for over 30 years, much of his experiences were at the forefront of world conflict areas and through difficult measure uses these experiences to develop bespoke ways in which an individual or group can increase their capacity regards understanding the body as a system and the art of the possible.

Using a variety of techniques that are thousands of years old enable the development of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enhancement through the mediums of exercise and breathing, increasing the body’s natural system resilience.

Those individuals that have been enhanced through very specific and bespoke programmes range from corporate leaders, scientists, professional sports people, cancer sufferers to young people who are in secure mental hospitals. The broad breadth of knowledge enables bespoke solutions for those of you who are willing to take the first step.

Executive Consultant – Wendy Smith

Wendy has worked as a high performance coach and tutor for over 15 years. She specialises in personal development, self awareness and team development.

An avid follower of neuroscience and human behaviour she bases the majority of what she does around awareness, ownership and change.

She has represented Great Britain at a Paralympics and taken many teams to national league victories. Wendy has mentored and coached players and coaches up to the highest levels.

Wendy has worked as a facilitator of training in all environments from the education sector to governmental departments and is considered a specialist in the education sector for school interventions.

She has a Level 3 Award in Education & Training, Diploma in Sports Psychology, Level 3 Basketball Coach Award, Basketball Tutor Award, NLP Master Certification & NLP Trainer Certification and an Award for Achievements Over Diversity.

Associate Consultant – Louise Danielle

Louise Daniel has spent over 12 years in business, transformational change and personal development.

In the line of her work she developed an accredited training & youth mentoring company, generating over £800,000 in revenue and partnering with local councils delivering prevention and development work to at risk youth and families. Louise created and managed several inclusion projects in the local community, developed and delivered transformational leadership training to public sector organisations, recruited and trained 100’s of volunteers and students and positively impacted the lives of over 700 young people in the process.

Louise’s work led her to local and national awards and recognition, culminating in being named one of Norfolk and Suffolk’s 100 Most inspirational women and an invite to chaperone HRH Princess Anne at St James Palace. 

Today Louise works globally with corporate companies, entrepreneurs and leaders from as far a field as the United States, Australia and across Europe. Leaning on her own personal experience of growing two her businesses along with 23 courses and 12 years of study in the fields of leadership & management, business development & marketing, transformational change, neuroscience & psychology. She continues to work with individuals, businesses and organisations in the areas of personal change, inner transformation, leadership and business development.

Associate Trainer – Laura Rigby

Laura creates success through exceptional leadership and allowing others to truly rise up to reach their own potential. She has 10+ years of Leadership & Performance Training within globally recognised organisations. 

She is a highly respected and motivated individual who has driven herself to achieve astounding results within her own life and business. Working with teams and individuals from all sectors, Laura helps people develop an understanding of themselves and the power they have to create change that leads to increased performance in life and business.

Laura is a volunteer for the Prince’s Trust and a highly regarded motivational speaker.

Associate Trainer – Tanya Collins

Tanya has a comprehensive background in working within demanding operational environments with challenging behaviours within teams and with individuals. Her career and knowledge to date has integrated to create a coach and trainer who empowers people and teams to improve their performance both personally and professionally, whilst neutralising blockers to high performance states.

Tanya has a degree in physiology and a career that has spanned the social service support network (in WA, USA), the third sector (UK, running residential programmes for socially excluded young people and adults and young people with physical disability) and Her Majesty’s Prison Service (13 years as an Operational Manager, reaching Acting Deputy Governor for a short spell within a large West Midlands prison). 

Her roles as a senior manager included management of various large functions within prisons (up to 350 staff and responsibility for 1450 prisoners), managing contracts with external stakeholders and providers whilst delivering on operational requirements. This included case management of the most vulnerable and risky individuals within the prison. Tanya is well versed with working within multiple statutory frameworks and has held IOSHH, Safeguarding accreditation and SC Clearance for her roles.

Associate Trainer – Jacky Rands

During her 16yr career working in the public sector Jacky worked around managing conflict and customer services.

She spent many years working in service improvement roles, developing better ways to manage customer services and reduce conflict. Jacky has a proven track record for managing customer/staff expectations and within her first year at Basildon Council reduced their service complaints by 75%. This led on to her becoming their head of performance and complaints team training others how to effectively manage dispute resolutions.

In 2011 she trained with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) at Harlow college and gained a level 5 certification in coaching and mentoring in management, managing change in the workplace, motivating to perform in the workplace, managing conflict in the workplace.

She is a trained mediator and has worked in audit investigations and trained under CIPFA with Bond Solon.

Associate Trainer – Yvette Ankrah M.B.E

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is a transformational business coach, consultant and recovering overachiever! 

She is a highly experienced coach, Business Development and marketing professional with project management experience and proven leadership expertise across a diverse range of sectors.

She brings over 20 years of experience and has developed and delivered training programmes to small business owners and senior leaders, facilitated awaydays for senior leaders, and has board-level experience in the NHS, voluntary and education sectors.

She has also facilitated group coaching sessions, where one of the key elements was allowing people to be truly listened to and be given space to think.

By empowering leaders to create inner change, they in turn become inspirational leaders, make better decisions, grow and thrive and create sustainable and successful businesses.

She believes that this starts from the inside and working in a way which builds sustainable and profitable businesses without overwhelm, stress and burnout. 

She is an accredited NLP and Performance coach as well as having a degree in Journalism and Psychology and a Masters in Communities,Organisations and Social Change. 

She won a Microsoft/O2 award for business in 2013, was shortlisted for Best Coach at the Best Business Women Awards, 2015 and was awarded an MBE for her work with women in business in 2017. In 2019 she was awarded a PhD in sociology and studies identity, class and belonging.

She is a member of the ANLP, British Sociological Association and the International Society of Female Professionals.

Pioneering Edge

Offering coaching for individuals & groups wanting to learn how to get the best out of themselves and create success in whatever they choose to do, gaining an understanding of how their human system works and the power they have to create different outcomes and overcome those pre-programmed responses and beliefs that can follow us through life. Over the years we have delivered training courses and workshops for schools, businesses and sports teams. The aim is to deliver emotional intelligence and personal development at a level that will expand the current thinking of the participants allowing them to explore their full potential in life. We offer online training programs and 1-1 coaching also.

Coaching is alive, it lives and breaths and is as changeable as daily emotions. It has to be alive for it to be useful. Awareness, behaviour, attitude are often described as only what you have learned or experienced. Therefore there is always space for more, when you no longer learn you may already be lost. Happiness comes through progression, when people feel they are not making headway in life they tend to lose their emotional drive. Finding your motivation again to make more out of your life experience can be a less challenging journey when you have a coach. New eyes change perspective and new knowledge will change the result you achieve.

The benefits of being coached or mentored are you can feel more clarity, regain perspective and emotional control, learn to reflect on your wins and take productive steps forwards from your fails, develop communication skills that will enhance your daily interactions and also your own inner voice, regain that sense of control over your life again. Coaching helps you get back in the driving seat of life and move towards your desired goals whilst armed with the tools to overcome challenges that arise on route.