Team development is my speciality. Spending over 17 years working in the high performance sports arena and over 25 years experience in personal management and self development, I bring together many proven methods to help teams create functional and productive ways of working where everyone feels included and valued.

Team development for the corporate environment involves; leadership & management, understanding your team, attributes & application, resilience & stress management, retaining talented staff, personal performance indicators, motivation & morale, team building, value of team members, awareness & ownership, behavioural consequences, open door policy and conflict management. It all begins at the top, a teams performance will be influenced by the strategies and behaviours of the team leaders above. The attitude of the whole team will greatly affect any desired outcomes of the company. When a team understands each other and what drives each other, they can work together effectively. A lack of communication and recognition of individuals talents and needs can quickly lead to a feeling of non value within a team which leads to underperformance and low morale. There is never a problem, just a solution waiting to be found.

Training for Educational Professionals through inset training days and conference workshops has been an area I have been involved in since 2012. These training days and workshops are designed to specifically cater for the needs of the school or professionals. Previous workshops have included; resilience & stress management, language to influence & engage, learning delivery to impact all, classroom management, feedback for motivation, energy management, strategies for exam success, time management, team leadership skills, recognising learning differences and closing the gap in education. These are fully interactive workshops where staff can openly discuss the challenges they face and work through finding the solutions that will suit them and their students, leading to a more harmonious working environment for all.

Personal Training Programs. For those people wanting to expand their knowledge, upgrade their skill set or move into a new career path. The training courses on offer will allow people to discover more about how their own mind & how their internal system works which will then enable them to create successful outcomes in their own and other people’s lives. The NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner courses are described as ‘The User Manual For The Brain’, teaching people how to use their brain for change and drive themselves towards the goals they want to achieve. Performance Coaching is designed for people wanting a powerful tool to help people create structure and awareness in their life or business and constantly be able to move through any blocks or limitations that are holding them back. Emotional Coaching is for people wanting a deep therapy tool that totally re-codes a person’s past experiences and allows them to move forwards from trauma, ptsd or abuse. This is very powerful and a great tool to have if you are a counsellor, mental health specialist, life coach or therapist.